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"I Got it. Thanks-its great!
I have been using my new Super Leash and coupler and the boys (two big labs) and I am having a ball. They love walking together and I feel secure knowing that they won't take me along with them if they decide to gang up on me. I ordered an 8' leash (I thought it was the same length as my training leash which turned out to be 6') and it is actually perfect. It allows me to feel extra secure as we walk past the "Scary houses". (Those with several other labs.) Thank you for all of your help. This is perfect! Diane"

"To Superleash I just want to let you know that I had placed the order below in November. I did receive my order and I wanted to let you know that I LOVE MY SUPERLEASH! It is so much easier walking my two dogs now. I am looking forward to longer and easier walks this Spring with my babies. Thank You! Sincerely, Colleen G."

"I love the leash-and your customer service is right on the mark-lots of correspondence, and great letter with the invoice. Thanks, Denee"

"Darius - I hope you're still working there. I will probably be a lifelong customer I put in an order for a super leash a few months ago. It’s been awesome BUT I LOST IT. I need to buy a new super leash (I remember that I ordered the 4 ft. one) But I can't remember how long the couplers were for my large dogs....18" maybe? Do you have the order somewhere? Thanks much!! Can't wait to get my suuuuuuuuuuuper leash #2!! Murtha C"

"Hi I recently purchased a leash (6 foot with two separate straps) to walk a GIANT Labrador. Great products and walking ideas you have. Charles I received the couplers yesterday and they work great. I’ll tell a friend.

Thank you,

"Dear SuperLeash Guy, I received my SuperLeash Pro yesterday, and it works great! I have two dogs, one large and the other medium sized, hooked them up together, and was able to walk them without out having my fingers getting crushed (as happens with conventional leashes). You have a fine product. Paul"

pHs. Your website photo of the dog draped in leashes had me in stitches

"Dear, I am very excited to receive your product! I think of all the cool things I will be able to include my pets in. Thanks for making and selling such cool products!


"We received the new couplers. They are really short. They will be great for street walking. Thanks for the great couplers! E.Williams, Willi, Bobbi and Lacy"

"Just thought I would let you know that thanks to Gunny Saks my faithful companion is still able to stay by my side in the house. His urinary incontinence has progressed. But, the Gunny Saks have saved the day. They are wonderful! Gee, you should have me do a commercial!Thanks again,Rebecca

"You are the sweetest...., Darius, received my order all ready and it's beautiful! Kate H,"

"My order came last night, very nice! Thanks again for your great customer service. Michael"

"Order has arrived and I am very pleased with the price and especially the quality. I will be ordering several custom-length leads in the near future ..Thank you again for the great service and products. Tom W. "

"Thank you very much. My order arrived late today. I absolutely love the couplers. They are fantastic. Took two of the dogs for VERY enjoyable 45 minute walk. I highly recommend them for anyone with more than one dog. Sincerely, Abbe"

" Last summer I ordered a leash and coupler for my two labs. I have been very satisfied with the products ….Frank T "

"Thank you for your quick response. I'll look forward to receiving the items! Ruth"

"Received the superleash coupler. Thank you so much! I can't wait to use it tomorrow to walk my pups. Lora"

"Hi there. We received and LOVE the GunnySak for Max. The black and white motif was perfect for my dalmation. Of course I need a couple more. Thanks, S R"

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