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High quality dog leashes, heavy duty dog leashes, custom dog leashes, dog leash couplers, and dog leash connectors all handmade in America with fast inexpensive shipping around the world.


Looking for an easier way to walk 2 dogs, 3 dogs or more with one dog leash? Our exclusive quality dog leash couplers will make it much easier.

Need a dog leash for strong dogs, big dogs or several medium or small dogs? Checkout THE Super Dog Leash with the contoured comfort grip, the most power and control, and the safest dog leash!

With any of the Patented Super Dog Leash Product Line: Traditional Style Dog Leashes, Super Dog Leashes, Original Dog Leash Couplers, Add A Dog Leash Couplers, you can order in the standard sizes shown or any custom size or style you need.

Super Dog Leash Products are made to last and backed up by a life time warrantee. Nothing even comes close to the Super Dog Leash line of quality products.

We work with family dog owners and dog trainers, police K9, military K9, search and rescue dog teams, dog sled mushers, exotic animal trainers, making life easier, safer, and more rewarding for dog lovers and professionals!

Whether you need a heavy duty dog leash for a big dog or strong dog or you walk 2 dogs, 3 dogs at the same time, or need a custom coupler rig for a team of dogs we have the right dog leash and dog leash coupler you want or we will custom make what you need to your request

You can also order special dog leash hardware, nylon dog leash webbing belt, Super Dog Leash handles separately for do it yourself dog leash kits. Don’t see it just email us!

Super Dog Leash Styles

 Add A Dog Leash Connectors and Couplers

Original Style Dog Leash Couplers

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