THE Super Leash Dog Tails Story Book
Children and dogs go together like peanut butter and jelly. This story page is for your little ones to enjoy. Happy reading!
Once a paw-n a time you and Doggydoo were out walking minding your own business, half asleep, day dreaming, and enjoying the open air. Just then, Bam!!! Zoom!!! Screech!!! Doggydoo lunged. Ouch!!! Your hand, shoulder, your whole body got doggy jerked. Wow! You're awake now. What happened? It was just a little kitty cat that popped out in front of you and Doggydoo.
Just a few moments later along came a wacky stray dog parader that had something to say to you and Doggydoo as you walked and talked and hippity hopped. Yikes!!!
Walking on the sidewalk, and out of view, a car came out of the driveway and the driver didn't see you and Doggydoo.
Pull on that leash. Watch out ! Sorry!!
Later that day, you and Doggydoo took a trip to the vet. It was so full the waiting room looked like a zoo, of dogs that is. Bark, rough rough bark! My what a big pot of daily stew that was for you and Doggydoo
That's not dog fun cause we love to walk and run. Oh piddily pooh. What do you do, you and Doggydoo?
You could get THE SuperLeash. No more hanging on to limpy, wimpy, leashes that hurt your fingers, or
taking chances wrapping the leash around your wrist or hand!
THE SuperLeash is special and fun and made for people like you and Doggydoo who love to play and run.
Not limpy or wimpy, IT's ALIVE with love for your hands!
THE SuperLeash handguard is made from space age plastic and rubber and designed for the human hand. Air pockets that work like mini shock absorbers are built into the handguard and the special Super-Grip.
The patented SuperLeash with the Super-Grip supports your hand and cushions your fingers. You get incredible power and comfort, with greater control and safety.
It feels good!
THE SuperLeash is well made so it will last. It's fun, it's easy, it's perfect for every dog--gone buddy. No Doggy- doo worry days for you, Thanks to THE SuperLeash
Better for training.
Easier on your hands.
Tuff and Strong for Mushers
Dependable Quality for K-9 units
K9 Tracking
Army K9 Corps
Search & Rescue
K9 Competitions
Pet Groomers
Pet Sitters
Big Dogs and Little Dogs
One Dog, two dogs or a Pack of Dogs
Last but not least, THE SuperLeash is perfect for the family pet master too!
Hurry! Help save the postal clerk. Get THE Super Leash today. He will bring it right to your house. You and Doggydoo will be happier, and he will too. Hurry!

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Dog Tails Super Dog Leash Storybook

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