THE Super Leash Big Dogs, Little Dogs, Kids And Seniors




























Dogs are as different as people are.







































This is Cole, Felicia, David, and Daisy. THE Super Leash is easily used by anyone big, little, young and seasoned.













Full hand support for tremendous power, special contoured finger grip for fantastic comfort together providing the dog master with phenomenal control and greater confidence when walking or training their dogs.











































Here is Carrie (84 years young) with Buster the Pug and Peety a Terrier mix. People living with arthritis or tendonitis will enjoy walking their dogs much more with The very special Super Leash comfort grip.


















THE Super Leash works for any dog; big, little, young and seasoned.



















One dog, two dogs, three, or even a team of dogs. It's easy with  Super Leash















If you do walk two or more dogs at a time take a look at our dog leash connectors and couplers they work excellent and like The Super Leash they are the best you can buy.




















Where's the pizza?













375 lbs of Boxers, five SuperLeash Add A Dog Couplers, one 4 foot SuperLeash Standard Pet-Series dog leash;

That’s  power! Don’t try this without a SuperLeash.



Super Leash is Powerful, Comfortable, Safe and Easy to Use.








































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