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The most comfortable walks in the world customers are usually the more active pet owners. We all love our animals and want the most enjoyment from the time we spend together. Everybody should know by now about the health benefits of walking. More than just physical health, walking freshens the mind, heightens our senses, and livens up the spirit for both pet and master. All very positive things. If you are just getting into walking with your pet, start with small walks in an enclosed school or park and work your way up to your desired goal. If you have a health condition see your doctor first. The Super Dog Leash can make your walks fantastic, but it can't think for you. Be Safe, Be Smart, Enjoy!

The Science And Benefits Of The Super Dog Leash

The Super Dog Leash (also called "Super Leash") is about creating the most Comfort, Power, Control and Safety with the highest quality standards and best value possible to dog and animal loving people. This patented exciting leash works through the simple but effective scientific principle of leverage. Your strength is substantially maximized. Super Leash is perfectly center balanced for hand and wrist position. A very important benefit because it gives your whole body superior balance and greater endurance to walk or train your dog. The increased level of comfort and power is remarkable! In fact, people with arthritis and tendonitis love Super Leash's patented comfort and power-amplifying design. It makes dog walking much more enjoyable! 

Dog Leash Comparison

Traditional style leashes are the simple belt or rope types that have remained pretty much the same for hundreds, even thousands of years. They do what they are suppose to do and no more. They weren't meant to support your hand at all. They can squeeze, blister, even cut and burn fingers in extreme situations. Usually, trying to get a better grip means wrapping the leash around your hand, wrist, and or fingers. Compared to Super Leash's hand-guard frame and cushion-grip that completely supports your hand, there really isn't any comparison. Of course we make fine quality traditional leashes if that's what you like. We want to help you and your Best-Friend(s) to keep on walking !

There are dozens of retractable leash makers these days. Some are very expensive and some very cheap. They all share similar design and internal components. All are made of hollow plastic. They all have springs and buttons (think of a big tape measure) that will eventually give out, hopefully not when you need it most! More importantly, because of the internal parts they are heavier and bulkier. The critical thing to know about retractables is that wrist position, comfort, torque (pull of the dog) on your body are off center, not balanced! This promotes hand and wrist fatigue and reduces your strength, endurance, and enjoyment. Here is where Super Dog Leash shines! It's not hollow. There are no bulky or heavy internal parts to break. Super Dog Leash is much stronger. Its light and easy to use. It's perfectly center balanced for optimal wrist position and power. It's durable for long life. Some retractable leash makers have tried to imitate Super Dog Leash's grip by adding thin rubber around the handle. Kind of flattering but still miles away from Super Dog Leash's ergonomic cushion grip for the best comfort you can get. If a retractable leash is what you want or need and that's that's the ticket to get you and your dog out for a walk, wonderful! will be carrying a complete line of retractable leashes so, Keep up the dog walks.

Occasionally a Super Leash wannabies pops up on the scene. They vanish pretty quick too. Be careful! They may not be safe or of any lasting value, and the money could be more wisely spent. Not much more to say

SuperLeash Prices

Most people agree, "You get what you pay for". Getting a great value seems like a rare occurrence, and when you do it is very rewarding. We don't sell to the giant pet stores, so don't look for it there. They largely buy and resell mass produced foreign goods with high profit margins. Making money is a good idea for a business but we don't think it should be the only focus. Our focus has been to make the most advanced dog leashes and accessories at the fairest possible price for people just like us, dog and animal people! The Super Leash .com product line is very special and they costs more to make. Our prices represent an honest value! If you're a dog  person with a strong dog, a big dog, walk 2 dogs or more at a time, or work with dogs and other animals professionally, Super Leash was made especially for you. There is no comparison. Super Leash is the choice for Incredible Comfort, Maximum Power, Superior Control and Safety.

The Name SuperLeash

How did the name Super Leash come about? There where several names tossed around before test marketing and patenting began like: Super Grip Leash, Dog Master, Max Leash, Power Leash, Power Grip Leash, but Super Dog Leash or SuperLeash for short was made for super dogs and their super dog people. That  reminded us of the old Superman animation with his "Super Dog"  who had great strength, special abilities, and class. What else would you call it?

THE Super Dog Leash Process

The Super Leash has three components, a two-piece handle consisting of a solid body frame or hand-guard, and an ergonomic cushion grip, both specially engineered, and of course the lead.

The classy total support hand-guard is made from solid ABS space age plastic.

The ergonomic cushion grip is made from super strong flexible rubber, also a NASA inspired material.

The special hand-guard and super grip are both high pressure and high temperature injection molded.

Shock-absorbing air pockets are sealed between the hand-guard frame and cushion grip. It weighs less than 7 ounces and is practically indestructible.

The lead and clip are then attached with double stitching, using heavy industrial sewing machines.

Made in the USA

The Super Leash is put together with quality materials for long life, and just like a quality pair of shoes it gets better and better the more you use it. Nice!

The Super Leash was awarded a patent by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. No other leash matches the comfort, the power, the control and safety that the Super Dog Leash has automatically designed-in.

If you would like further information about any of The Super Leash products please check out the photo page links on this site for possible answers to your questions, or feel free to email us, and someone will be happy to assist you. 

Ps. most people interested in Super Leash products already practice responsible pet ownership by training, neutering and or spaying their pets. Please encourage others, especially new pet owners to do the same. Thank You for caring enough read this!

Product Notes:
A. For special purposes you can shorten SuperLeash. 1) Choose the length desired; 2) take up the slack through the inside of the hand guard wrapping the excess around it: 3) then put the fastener end through the last loop of excess and pull the end through in necktie fashion. (see figures below)

B.  ( Optional wrist-strap.) The wrist strap is very convenient, it is adjustable, or it is completely removable. 1) For maximum break-away tension completely connect all Velcro together; 2) for less break-away tension reduce the amount of Velcro contact to desired level; 3) test to see that the tension is correct; 4) always position the Velcro area of the wrist strap at the top of your wrist.

Cleaning and Maintenance: You can wash Super Dog Leash and Super Dog Leash Connectors and Couplers in warm water in a sink using mild soap, hang in the shower to dry. After drying or if exposed to extreme weather or salt apply light oil to the clip latch and work in. Keep clip latch clean and lubed for easier opening and closing and long life.

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