THE Super Leash Skating Team
Karen, Brandy, Tim, and Rex Ask people what things come to mind when they think of dogs and you hear: Fun, Playful, Devoted Companions, Security. Dogs add quality to our lives
THE Super Leash adds to the quality of time you spend with your dog. A very special dog leash indeed, Super Leash is endorsed by trainers, breeders, and K-9 clubs like the Southwestern Rottweiler Association
This is Rembo and his master Patricia, who by the way feels very safe with this guy around.  THE Super Dog Leash utilizes air pocket technology which is sealed between the hand-guard frame and comfort-grip. This cushions your hands, fingers, and joints while walking or training your dog or bodyguard.

No more wrapping the leash strangling
your wrist and hand. No cuts, blisters, burns, or broken nails. There's nothing else like it!

An optional adjustable wrist strap is also available for extra convenience and safety.
Quality materials
Made in the USA
Guaranteed workmanship
The Super Leash could help you make a special connection. It just might happen. What better way to meet someone special than walking your dog with a special Super Leash of course!
Do opposites attract?

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Dog Leash Skating Team

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