Cameron and Her Harlequin Dane, Annie from THE Super Leash Video                    "A Walk In The Park"


























Unconditional Love, Dogs are special !





Your hands will really love The Super Leash. No more wrapping leashes around your wrist  hands or fingers trying to get a good grip.





THE Super Leash handle is strong and has a special ergonomic soft cushioned grip.





The solid support sure feels great!. It sure makes dog walking much more fun, and a bonus for the ladies, it won't break their nails!





Super Leash is the dog leash that gives you Incredible Comfort, Unmatched Power, Greater Confidence and Safety which all adds up to more walking pleasure.









Super Leash spokesman and fan with Pongo the Dalmatian This dog leash is excellent for dog training, dog club competitions, Search & Rescue and other K9 Professionals, and perfect for daily walks, or a trip to the vets office with that small waiting room.





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