Custom Leashes and Couplers

Original Style 2 dog and 3 dog leash couplers. If you walk two or three dogs at a time (easy with THE Super Dog Leash) we recommend Super Dog Leash connectors and couplers. They're made tough just like the Super Dog Leash, and you can get them in some great matching or contrasting colors.

Original Style 2 Dog Leash Coupler Original Style 3 Dog Leash Coupler

They come in both Standard PET Series and Heavy Duty PRO Series for big and strong dogs. Need a custom size or hardware? No problem, email us for a quote! Click on the dog leash styles page link and page down to see custom dog leash hardware clip styles.

Sizes are measured from the end of clip to end of clip for Add A Dog leash connectors and couplers, and end of clip to end of ring for Original and New Standard dog leash couplers

Helpful info: Connectors and couplers are general names for the same thing.